Interview With Landon Donovan On World Cup 2018

Landon Donovan has played thrice in World Cups for USMNT (U.S. Men’s National Team) and had a fantastic career in the club for almost 2 decades in 4 countries. He was the winner of 6 MLS Cups and earned several other accolades. He continues playing soccer as a Club Leon’s member in Liga MX after his retirement as USMNT member. During an interview with Donovan, he was asked a few questions and the same has been discussed below.

His first thoughts on World Cup 2018 were asked upon which he said that the World Cup is different for him mainly due to two factors. The first one is that this time U.S is not there which he is not too happy about as it has always been there in the World Cup. And secondly, it is for the first time after 1998 that he had an opportunity to watch the World Cup match like a fan instead of a player.

Donovan was asked about his love for Mexico to which he said he mostly likes the people out there. Mexicans, according to Donovan are different in comparison with Mexican-Americans. It is indeed good to watch the culture form close and get to meet people and know their passion for soccer. The majority of people will only talk about how delicious the food tastes in Mexico. And like every other town, Mexico also has its own specialty.

In Los Angeles, Donovan played with David Beckham and he was asked about his experience with him. Donovan said that Beckham is a great person in addition to being a good teammate. He is quite down to earth and behaves like an ordinary man and that’s exactly how Donovan wants to be. Beckham is doing an excellent job as a father, although he doesn’t get enough credit for the same. He is totally involved with his family and is indeed an excellent father.

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