Luka Modric has cleared the air on his situation

Luka Modric has cleared the air on his situation and has stated that he doesn’t intend to go anywhere from Madrid in near future.

Since the time Carlo Ancelotti has been named to take charge at Bayern Munich post the current season, the reports had been circling around in the press that he would try and attract Modric to join him there as he related pretty well with the midfielder during his working days at Santiago Bernabeu.

However, according to Modric, Ancelotti’s stint at Bernabeu brought fantastic results to the Whites and he enjoyed a strong bonding with each and every player in the team. But, there is no truth to the stories that he is interested in having him at Bayern.

In the words of Modric, “Carlo was a coach who got along well with the whole team and was liked by everyone. And in his time, we played quite well too at all the levels. He was highly successful. But, I haven’t been told by him that he wants me at his new club or anything like that. I have come to know about this only from some of the recent news reports.”

“As far as I am concerned, nothing about transfer is going on in my mind at the moment. I would like to see off the contract that I currently have with Madrid.”

Modric also spoke highly of Zidane and suggested that he was enjoying working with the France legend.

When asked for his take on the new boss, Modric said, “He is not a man of too many words. He always prefers to come straight to the topic and makes sure he conveys his message to the team in a proper way. It’s been so good so far.”