Jeff Cassar seems Team wont effect after Departure of Lagerwey

Jeff Cassar reckons there would not be too much of an effect of the departure of the GM Garth Lagerwey on the Real Salt Lake Squad.

Lagerwey had been associated with Real Salt Lake as GM for a long time, but, at the end of the last season, he decided to sign for Seattle Sounders.

Real Salt Lake and Seattle Sounders are the arch rivals in the Western Conference of the Major League Soccer.

So, Lagerwey’s decision to move there did not please the Real fans that much. But, Cassar is pretty cool.

The Royals boss, though, admitted that Lagerwey was the vital cog in the team management and he had a great coordination with him.

But, according to Cassar, that’s how the professional Football works and not much fuss should be created about Lagerwey joining Seattle.

Cassar believes the new man in that role, Mr. Craig Waibel, is a great man as well with huge knowledge of the game and he can fill in the shoes of Lagerwey pretty efficiently.

Speaking in the press conference the other evening, Cassar said, “Garth and I got along pretty well. He is a great friend and it’s obvious for me to feel a little bit sad to see him going away, but, we have to move on.”

“Craig, I think, is the right person to take over the responsibility. I enjoy a good tuning with him too as we have worked together quite a bit. He is an organized man and makes his decisions pretty calmly. He knows a lot about the game.”

Real Salt Lake was three in the Western Conference table in the regular season in 2014. They trailed by 8 points to Seattle which topped that conference and later, won the Supporters’ Shield as well.

Real Salt Lake’s first game in the 2015 Season is against Philadelphia Union on 14th of March.