Donovan Linked With Return To Everton

The American forward Landon Donovan spent 2 seasons performing as an Everton player on separate loan deals where he managed on earning the Everton Player of the Month award on 2 occasions and in this summer transfer window he was even being linked on making a return to the Premier League club.

Donovan is currently performing for LA Galaxy and during one of the latest pre-season matches for his club, he entered the pitch in the 2nd half as the MLS side suffered a 7-0 loss against Manchester United but the American attacker took the chance of voicing his emotions towards David Moyes.

David Moyes went through an underwhelming debut season with Manchester United as the club based in Old Trafford failed on winning any major trophies and considering that Landon Donovan has worked together with David Moyes some years ago when performing at the Goodison Park in Everton, the American voiced his emotions towards his former manager.

Donovan said: ’It was hard for me to watch last season, because I was pretty close to David Moyes when I was at Everton, and I was rooting for him to do very well. It was a little bit difficult to see them struggle. It’s never easy. I’m not a manager, so I don’t know what it’s like to go through something like that but, for me, David was first and foremost just a great man and a great human being. He believed in me and he believes in his players. Sometimes things don’t go your way. Sometimes results don’t go your way. That’s part of life and you have to deal with it’’

Donovan admitted that it was hard to see his former manager go through such a devastating season at Old Trafford but he is confident that David Moyes will be able to bounce back and learn from his mistakes.