About 12 months back, Landon Donovan’s international career was looking like going nowhere. He had taken some time off from the game and there were doubts whether he would be seen representing the USA national side again.

But, things changed dramatically for him last summer. He had a fantastic time with his club Los Angeles Galaxy and that gave his career a new direction. Now, he seems to be a certainty in the US World Cup squad.

But, it’s hard to tell if the 31 years old veteran would be starting the matches regularly for the Yanks in Brazil. Jurgen Klinsmann, the US manager, likes to play with just one striker and if he continues doing that in the World Cup too, it would become hard for Donovan to find a place in the starting line up. Even if he gets there somehow, he will have to play wide which is not his preferred position.

However, Donovan is a guy who has played at different positions in the past and has done well, but, he has put up his best performances playing upfront and that’s why, most of the experts want him to be utilized as a forward only.

As far as Donovan himself is concerned, he is ready to stand anywhere in the field for the sake of the team. He reckons that the uniformity of a player is more important than anything else.

Talking to the reporters yesterday, the Galaxy star said, “I am just willing to contribute for the team in whichever way possible.”

USA has to play a friendly match against South Korea in a few days’ time in Carson and it would be interesting to see at which position Donovan is asked to play in that match.