The San Diego Soccer City project to repurpose the Qualcomm Stadium site and build a 30,000 seat stadium is getting more and more support by the day.

More than 112,000 people signed the petition within 12 days. The proposal has been send to the City Council for the next stage of consideration.

The people of San Diego want to move past the loss of NFL side San Diego Chargers with the prospects of having a beautiful park along the San Diego River, a sport and entertainment district and a multiuse stadium. All of these would come at no cost to taxpayers hence the response.

There has been public review of the proposal with the media scrutinizing the move. Over sixty percent of the city favour the deal. Twenty five percent are against the idea while the rest sit on the fence. The ownership group are supposed to fundthe whole concept privately while paying fair market value for the site.

The jobs that would be produced would employ many while generating tax revenue for the city. It is a big win for the city that you would wonder who would oppose it. It costs USD12 million annually to maintain the rotting Qualcomm Stadium. The city can use the money for other ventures as the project would take over.

Landon Donovan and his ownership group have a long way to go for the high stakes project to come to fruition. The proposed stadium would serve the new MLS team, San Diego State football, high school football and championship matches. Concerts, events and others would also hold to generate funds and keep the city busy.

San Diego has grown into a soccer-loving city that the project seems just right. Donovan joined Shannon Mac Millan with the hope of creating a soccer academy in Soccer City to develop young talents. The blend of residential, commercial and fun centres is the way to go.