Landon Has Faith That US Will Qualify For The World Cup

USMNT has had its share of star players who continue to be faithful to the club even if they do not represent the club anymore on the fields.

One illuminated example is Landon Donovan. Recently, in an attempt to put back faith in the team amongst the fans, Donovan tweeted that the team still has potential and fans should not be disheartened from the loss that the team suffered on Friday when they lost to Guatemala with a score of 2-0.

Donovan stated that he understood the feelings of disappointment among the fans, but that did not mean that they should lose faith in the club they support. He tweeted that he had full confidence that the team will be able to get back on their feet and be able to better perform in the upcoming games. With World Cup qualifying rounds coming up, much is hoped for the club. Donovan is definitely doing his bit to keep up the faith among the fans on behalf of the club.

As per statistics, US is third in position in Group C and they have gained four points in three games. The semi final rounds start on Tuesday when they will play the remaining games. There is another upcoming game with Guatemala at the Columbus Crew stadium. Los Chapines was defeated by the US which has put them in good position for qualifying in the Hexagonal. They will play two more games against Tobago and Trinidad in the month of September.

What is required is bolster of the spirits by legends of soccer and Landon is definitely one of the inspirational celebrities out there. US definitely needs his support as do the under age football groups. Recently Landon praised the goal achievement of Christian Pulisic who is a seventeen year old player of US Soccer team.