Landon Donovan Supports Women’s Soccer

Landon Donovan continues to be a major figure in the world of US soccer.

Besides leading a home grown team for MLS and coaching the national team, he also voices the concerns of the US soccer teams, whether they are of the male or the female categories. He has been calling games in the Copa America and Sprint and feedback has been encouraging to say the least from the soccer fans. It is said that he might have found his calling. For instance, Chile won in the finals of the Copa America and Donovan spoke about a new chapter before the finals came on. He talked about wage discrimination for women when it came to US soccer.

He says that he is excited to be commentating for the games as Fox had made the offer to him. As he was getting good feedback on the kind of commentator ship he has been doing, he says that it will definitely be one of the things she can do. Being 34 years of age, taking on the coaching assignments is foremost in his mind these days.

Many will remember the moments when he inaugurated special games like in 2014 when he played the ball for the first half of the MLS cup match that was played in StubHub center in Los Angeles. He states that motor for the game should not be perfection but progress. As in other sports which have developed over decades, US soccer also needs to develop over time. He would be commentating for the 2016 Olympic Games that would be held in the next month. He talks about the US women’s team being his favorite. He wanted to highlight the fact that equal pay for the women’s team should be focused upon by the soccer authorities in the country.