LA Galaxy star Landon Donovan has said that Eddie Johnson has improved a lot as a player. Eddie Johnson left the United States to play in England back in 2008.

He has now returned to the MLS and was one of the best players in the 3-2 win over Chelsea. The MLS All-Stars were playing against Chelsea in a pre-season friendly. It was expected to be one of the toughest matches for the MLS all-star even with the presence of players like David Beckham and Landon Donovan. However, they managed to create an upset by beating the current European champions 3-2 in this match.

Eddie Johnson was a vital part of their victory and Landon Donovan was full of praise for the player by saying that he has been showing a lot of difference to the player he was before deciding to play in England. Landon Donovan has attributed the substantial increase in confidence that he has been showing in his play as a reason for the much better form. It was expected that Eddie Johnson would be the star of the American soccer alongside Landon Donovan. However, things seem to be flourishing for the American International only now, while Landon Donovan is one of the recognised faces in American soccer.

“He’s a much better player. For a while, it seemed like he lost a little bit of that confidence. That ability to run at players, that’s what he was always good at. He played a little bit tentative. Now, he’s back to being aggressive but he’s also matured in his decision making. It’s a lot better. I told him that this [MLS] isn’t the end,” said the former Everton loan star. Landon Donovan has also said that he is likely to return to Everton for third spell in the January transfer window on a loan deal.