Donovan to Salt Lake City

It is believed that Salt Lake City has made enquiries about the possibility of signing Landon Donovan for the next season.

The player who came out of retirement at the end of last season to help LA Galaxy has yet to confirm these rumors.

Salt Lake City has stated that they are keen to sign the player as they want to build a team that will help them challenge for trophies in the MLS. They feel that Landon Donovan has the necessary skills and experience and that he will be a wonderful addition to the team.

Landon Donovan has however admitted that there are some teams in the MLS as well as abroad that have contacted him about a possible move next season. He said that he has not taken any decision and that he is still considering whether he will continue his career.

Indeed Donovan announced back in 2014 that he will retire from MLS and that he will not be playing again. However, he agreed to come back at the end of last season in order to help his former club LA Galaxy that was short on numbers.

Landon Donovan said that he stopped playing because he feels that he was enjoying his football anymore as it has become like a job for him. This is what prompted him to retire from professional football but when he made his return at the end of last season for LA Galaxy he fell the joy back, and it was a wonderful sensation.

However, he admitted that things have changed a lot during his retirement and that he now have to take care of his family. He said that any contract will have to be discussed with his wife and that he will need to take his family into consideration before taking any decision.